Marla Maples is being coy about what Donald Trump gave her for Christmas but admits she's been negligent in shopping for him.

"I'm a very bad friend," Maples told the New York Daily News by phone from her hometown of Dalton, Ga. "I'm still looking. I haven't had a chance to go out and shop for him. He asked for only one thing - happiness."Trump had been seen around New York recently in the company of model Rowanne Brewer, but Maples didn't address that, instead dwelling on the mystery gift Trump had given her.

"It's beautiful, very beautiful," she said without revealing what it was. "I better not talk about it, though. Well, it is a piece of jewelry. It's very elegant and very beautiful and, ooh, I better not say any more."

Maples said Trump had been to Georgia to visit her during the holidays and that they would be taking a vacation together sometime soon.