A small band of leftist rebels signed a peace treaty with the government Friday and pledged to throw its weapons into the Caribbean Sea.

The agreement represents another important step in the government's effort to disarm a variety of guerrilla groups behind a three-decade-old insurgency. The peace accord is the second to be signed with Colombian guerrillas this year.The new agreement, which ended eight years of fighting, was signed by government officials and rebels of the Revolutionary Workers' Party, know by its Spanish acronym, PRT, presidential press spokeswoman Amparo Trujillo told The Associated Press.

The document was signed in the northern Colombian town of Don Gabriel, where PRT guerrillas assembled after declaring a cease-fire and entering peace talks with the government on Oct. 23.

Under the accord, the Revolutionary Workers' estimated 100 rebels will throw their weapons into the Caribbean and join the political process within a month, officials said.

A more extensive accord with additional details on the guerrillas' demobilization will be signed in January, Trujillo said.