The lawyer for convicted Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk said Friday he has filed a motion to have his client freed because of new evidence that could prove he isn't guilty.

The Supreme Court will hear the motion Monday, said Yoram Sheftel, Demjanjuk's Israeli attorney.The court heard Demjanjuk's appeal of his death sentence last summer but has not yet issued its final ruling. Demjanjuk, a retired auto worker, lived in Ohio after the war and was extradited to Israel for trial in 1986.

Sheftel said a file found in Moscow proves his client is not "Ivan the Terrible," a gas-chamber operator at the Treblinka camp in Nazi-held Poland who raped, beat and stabbed Jews headed to their deaths.

The newly discovered file contains "numerous statements taken in the 1950s by Ukrainian guards at Treblinka that state clearly that `Ivan the Terrible' was Ivan Marczenko," Sheftel said.