Two California men were arrested on I-70 after police pulled them over for purportedly speeding and discovered about 480 pounds of a substance suspected to be marijuana in their van.

The two men, aged 37 and 38, were arrested last week when Emery County Sheriff's Deputy Bob Blackburn discovered more than 200 bags of what is believed to be marijuana, said Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon.A Drug Enforcement Administration official said the stash could be worth more than $360,000.

The men were eastbound on I-70 about 60 miles west of Green River when they were pulled over for allegedly driving 10 mph over the speed limit, said Guymon.

"Upon questioning the occupants of the vehicle, they indicated they were on a weekend skiing trip to Colorado," said the sheriff. "The vehicle was loaded with numerous suitcases, and it appeared to the deputy to be more than they needed for the trip."

Officers say the driver permitted a search and the substance was found in suitcases and Christmas packages.