A water line that burst in the City Center on Christmas did more than dampen holiday spirits and some newly laid carpet.

Library personnel discovered Wednesday that leaking water ruined some 500 video tapes, about 10 percent of the library's video collection."The insurance should cover their replacement," said David Koralewski, head of the library's audio-visual department, where the greatest damage occurred.

Koralewski said the library also will have to look at its computer system because the main computer was "drenched." About 80 percent of the library's sheet music collection also was destroyed.

Cleanup efforts at the library are causing additional problems: Fans being used to dry soaked carpet are causing air in the library to be so humid that pages on library books are beginning to curl, Koralewski said.

Louise Wallace, public services librarian, said the flooding is particularly discouraging because of the time spent to recarpet the library over the holidays. The library closed Dec. 10 for renovation.

"My guess is we will open again on Jan. 3 as planned, but we'll have to see what happens," she said.

It is impossible to place a dollar amount on the damage at this point, Wallace said.

"It will depend on whether or not we have to replace the carpet," she said.

A cleaning company is attempting to restore the carpet. But, Wallace said it is possible the carpet cannot be restored. The water may have caused glue used to lay the new carpet to soak through and stain it.

A firesprinklersystem pipe in the foyer area between the library and city offices broke Christmas Day about 5 p.m. Water leaked into the southwest corners of the library's main and basement floors. Water also flooded the council chambers.


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Protecting pipes

To prevent frozen water meters and lines, Orem's Department of Public Works suggests the following:

- Insulate the water meter box with newspapers.

- If the temperature is expected to drop below 10 degrees, leave a small, pencil-size stream of cold water running through the kitchen tap.

- Shut off and drain all outside water lines, especially sprinkling systems.

- Remove all outside hoses from water taps.

- Always keep homes and businesses heated. If you leave your home or business for a weekend or for a more extended period, set thermostats high enough to keep the premises above the freezing point.

Residents needing assistance, may phone 224-7118.