Violence erupted in three movie theaters showing "The Godfather Part III." In the worst outbreak, four bystanders were shot, one fatally.

All the incidents happened on Christmas Day, the day the movie opened.A man was slashed at a "Godfather" screening in New York City and a woman was charged with menacing another moviegoer with a knife in a dispute over noisy popcorn eating in Independence, Mo.

Four people were shot in a Long Island theater when two groups of teenagers exchanged gunfire, spraying shots in the movie house packed with about 700 people, who fled in panic.

The shootout came about an hour into show, after an argument escalated into a shouting match between two groups seated in different parts of the Sunrise Cinema theater, Nassau County Detective Sgt. William Cocks said Wednesday.

A group of about 10 teenagers moved and surrounded the other group before opening fire, Cocks said. The second group apparently returned fire.

When officers arrived, the gangster film was still running in the virtually deserted movie house. Spent shells showed that at least four handguns were used. The subject of the argument was unknown. No arrests were made.

A 15-year-old from New York City was shot in the head and died while undergoing surgery Wednesday. Another teenager, shot in the eye, was listed in stable condition.

A married couple, both 23, were treated for gunshot wounds to the arm and shoulder.

In Missouri, Ada L. Young, 58, of Raytown, was arrested as she left the theater and was charged with assault Wednesday in Independence Municipal Court.

Charlie Hobbs, manager of the Blue Ridge Cinema, said he didn't think the incident was related to the violence in the movie.