Von Lester Taylor, one of two men accused of slaying two women during a burglary at a northern Utah cabin, was arrested in a 1989 break-in in which the victim wrestled a gun from Taylor, according to police.

Washington County Deputy Sheriff Gene Roberts said he arrested Taylor March 3, 1989, inside a Washington City home after he and two other deputies responded to a call of a burglary in progress.They arrived to find the homeowner had wrestled a .22-caliber handgun from the prowler and was holding Taylor at gunpoint in the bedroom, Roberts said.

Taylor, 25, and Edward Steven Deli, 21, have been charged with two counts each of first-degree murder in the Saturday slayings of Beth Harmon Tidwell Potts, 76, and her daughter, Kaye Tidwell Tiede, 49.

The men also are charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, arson and other felonies in the shooting of 51-year-old Rolf Tiede and the kidnapping of his two daughters. The two men were arrested after a chase by Summit County deputies.

One of the kidnap victims, Linae Tiede, 20, told investigators that it was Taylor who killed her mother and grandmother, according to court documents.

Taylor pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated burglary and was sentenced to five-years-to-life at the Utah State Prison. He was paroled to a halfway house Oct. 23.

Roberts said he was surprised when he learned Taylor had been arrested in the Summit County slayings.

"This man should never have been let out," he said.

Roberts said that when he was arrested, Taylor was dressed entirely in black, was carrying knives besides the handgun and had cut phone lines to the home.

Meantime, court records indicate Deli had a record of absconding before he and Taylor walked away from a Salt Lake City halfway house Dec. 14.

Records show Deli was placed on probation Sept. 6, 1989, by 3rd District Judge John Rokich after pleading guilty to a third-degree felony charge of attempted aggravated arson.

Rokich, however, revoked the probation and issued a bench warrant Jan. 12, 1990, after Deli failed to report to his probation officer.

He was arrested five days later and Rokich imposed the zero-to-five-year prison sentence, of which Deli served 10 months before being paroled Nov. 27.

Utah State Prison inspector general Nick Morgan said the prison is looking into why local law enforcement officials had apparently not been notified of the two men's escape.

Police believe the men hitchhiked to Summit County and had been burglarizing homes when the victims surprised them inside their cabin in the Beaver Springs subdivision, located about 45 miles east of Salt Lake City and 15 miles south of Coalville.

Summit County Sheriff Fred Eley said investigators believe the handgun used in the slayings was stolen from another area home.

Rolf Tiede suffered a gunshot wound to the face. He was released from the hospital Monday.

Calls to the Tiede residence in Humble, Texas, located about 15 miles northeast of Houston, went unanswered Wednesday.

Sheriff's officials said the family earlier had been spending the holidays at the cabin.