Federal law needs to be changed to allow government employees the right to work other jobs on their own time, says U.S. Rep. James Hansen.

Earlier this year, Congress modified the Ethics Reform Act to give representatives a $28,500 pay raise but take away up to $26,850 a year in honorariums - pay for appearances and speaking engagements.The idea was to limit the influence of special-interest groups, but it also eliminated outside pay for federal workers.

For example, a Forest Service employee who works as a cross-country ski guide on his days off from government employment could not be paid for the outside job beginning Jan. 1.

"It's so totally unfair to federal workers," Hansen said. "We need to get it back. I'm going to work my head off to get that through (the 1991) Congress."

The issue has a local focal point in a lawsuit filed against the law by Ogden resident Jan Adams Grant. Grant is an Internal Revenue Service tax examiner who also conducts earthquake preparedness seminars in her spare time.

She is being represented by the National Treasury Employees Union in the Washington, D.C., federal suit.