Investigators have determined that a number of other cabins in the mountain subdivision where two women were murdered Saturday had been burglarized, Summit County Sheriff Fred Eley said Wednesday.

"Several cabins in that same area were broken into. They took the sort of items burglars typically steal," he said, adding that most of the stolen items have been recovered.The sheriff indicated that the weapons used in the double homicide are also believed to have been stolen from one of the cabins.

Beth Harmon Tidwell Potts, 76, and her daughter, Kaye Tidwell Tiede, 49, were shot to death when their family apparently surprised two burglars in their cabin in the Beaver Springs subdivision 44 miles east of Salt Lake City. Tiede's husband, Rolf Tiede, 51, was wounded, and their two daughters were held hostage in the incident.

The family disclosed in a published obituary Wednesday that Potts was blind and largely immobile from injuries she suffered in a 1983 automobile accident. Von Lester Taylor, 25, and Edward Steven Deli, 21, were charged Monday with two counts of first-degree murder and other felonies in connection with the case.

Eley said investigators believe Taylor and Deli - who walked away from a prison halfway house Dec. 14 - hitchhiked to the area and then hiked into the subdivision. He would not comment on reports that one of the men was familiar with the remote community.

Beaver Springs was closed to cabin owners for three days while teams of investigators scoured the area for clues, but it is now open, Eley said.