DEAR ABBY: I have a charming Australian boyfriend (I'll call him Aussie). We've been together for four years, but we have a few knotty problems. When Aussie was a foolish boy of 18, he married an Australian woman. Two years later, she ran off with another man. Aussie never bothered to get a divorce.

Three years later, Aussie moved to London where he became involved with a South American woman whose visa was about to expire, so he married her so she could stay in England. A year later, they separated, and Aussie figured he was already in such a mess, why bother with a divorce. So, he lost track of her, too.Now 11 years after Aussie's first wife left him, she contacted his mother, saying she needs a divorce because she has met a fine Australian gentleman who wants to marry her. My Aussie is thrilled because he wants to wipe the slate clean so he can marry me!

My question is whether Aussie needs to obtain a divorce from wife No. 2 in England for our marriage to be recognized there - also, would it be recognized here in the United States?

What are the British laws on bigamy? Should Aussie go back to England and contact a lawyer? And could he be prosecuted there if he divorces his Australian wife and marries me? - CONFUSED IN NEW YORK

DEAR CONFUSED: I have a long-standing agreement with the American Bar Association. I promised not to practice law, and they have promised not to write an advice column.

However, this advice may help: Contact a lawyer in New York who is licensed to practice international law.

DEAR ABBY: I live in Toronto, and I've been reading "Dear Abby" all my adult life. I trust your judgment. I just read that a Canadian jury has found the albums by a punk-rock group named Day Glo Abortions were not obscene.

One of the albums was titled "Feed Us a Fetus," and it was laced with four-letter words and described sex, satanism, bestiality, murder, rape and suicide.

Now, if that isn't obscene, I don't know what is, do you? - ANGERED IN CANADA

DEAR ANGERED: My Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary defines "obscene" as: "disgusting to the senses, repulsive, abhorrent to morality or virtue; designed to incite lust or depravity."

I do not know a more appropriate word to describe the above-mentioned album. I would be interested in knowing how the jury arrived at its conclusion.

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