CRS Partnership has completed a five-month project that transformed a house and duplex office into ultra-contemporary space for Royter Snow & Associates, Corsetti Design, Cornerstone Design, Carlin Design and Mark Harris/Copywriter at 1537 S. Main.

The 4,800-square-foot, three-story building was designed by the partnership of Robert Corsetti, Randall Royter and Scott Snow, the principals who purchased the structure and supervised the renovation project.The purchase and renovation were made possible by funding arranged by Deseret Certified Development Co., authorized distributor of Small Business Administration 504 loans.

Howard Bird, Deseret vice president, said, "This renovation project was exciting because of CRS Partnerships' creative melding of the existing structure with the special needs of artists and writers."

The participating financial institution in the project was the Bank of Utah, represented by Dough Poole and Ray Kennedy. Don Edwards Construction Co. was the contractor.