To the editor:

Once again the residents of Salt Lake City's west side receive a slap in the face.The West Salt Lake Community Council has actively pursued the placement of the Olympic speedskating oval on property adjacent to the Parks Department headquarters near Redwood Road. This land is owned by Salt Lake City; there would be no traffic concerns, no nearby residents to disturb. It is close to the I-215 freeway; there would be no need for expensive foundation work to "sink" the building out of sight.

We are told that our community is too "isolated" for this facility; that there is concern it would not be used after the Olympics. At the urging of a representative of the AAU, that site is included in our West Salt Lake Master Plan as a multisports center; the Parks Department has the site in its master plan as a recreational site. I feel that the oval and surrounding land could hold facilities for several sports, and would serve not only our community but the whole Wasatch front.

Letters to the Sports Authority and Bid Committee requesting consideration of the site have gone unanswered.

Another slap comes from the Board of Education. With the possibility of having to replace East High School because of its inability to withstand a major earthquake, and the enormity of the cost of retrofitting, I requested the board consider building a new high school on the city's west side.

This would go a long way in healing wounds from the closure of South High School and the subsequent boundary fiasco. As always, I received no answer, and I see that they are pushing ahead with plans to build across the street from the present East High.

It is time that the powers that be realize that we too are a part of Salt Lake City, and that we are weary of being the ignored child.

Glenda Gaudig

West Salt Lake Community Council