A federal judge has ruled that a Davis County Jail inmate who waited two hours for emergency treatment and six days for therapy after a fall was not denied medical treatment.

In a ruling last week, U.S. District Judge Aldon Anderson dismissed medical negligence claims brought by Vincent McCoy against the jail, its officers and medical staff.McCoy, imprisoned on a theft charge, brought the suit in June 1989, a month after he slipped while stepping on a vinyl plastic mattress on the bed below his bunk.

The prisoner lay on the floor for about two hours before county paramedics rendered medical assistance, according to court documents.

Anderson noted that jail personnel checked on McCoy while waiting for emergency assistance. The paramedics were dispatched two hours later and arrived about 10 minutes after receiving the call.

The court found that the delay in transporting McCoy to an emergency room, and his 6-day wait for a therapeutic device was not "deliberate indifference" to any serious medical need.

The prisoner had not vomited or displayed symptoms that appeared to be life threatening or requiring immediate treatment, the judge ruled.

In the Lakeview Hospital emergency room the plaintiff was X-rayed and given medication. As treatment for the injury, the emergency room doctor recommended bed rest and a therapeutic donut.

Jail personnel provided the prescribed medication and moved the plaintiff to a lower bunk, Anderson said. Six days after the fall, McCoy was transported to Utah State Prison.

Anderson granted the county's motion for partial summary judgment on the medical claims, but sent the complaint back to U.S. Magistrate Ronald Boyce for a recommendation on McCoy's amended claim that he was placed in an unsafe environment.

McCoy was paroled Feb. 13, according to the Utah Board of Pardons.