Two prison escapees were charged Monday with shooting two women to death at a Summit County cabin Saturday, trying to kill another man and then kidnapping his daughters to use as "shields" in case they were confronted by police.

Von Lester Taylor, 25, and Edward Steven Deli, 21, appeared before 3rd Circuit Judge Floyd Gowans and were given copies of the 10 felony charges filed against each of them. Attorneys were also appointed to represent them.Each defendant is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated kidnapping, and one count of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated arson, theft, aggravated assault, aggravated robbery and failure to respond to an officer's signal to stop.

Both are being held without bail in the Summit County Jail.

Before their arraignment in the Coalville courtroom Monday, the two defendants asked news reporters if they were receiving national media coverage. Spectators said the two smiled when they were told they were.

According to documents filed in 3rd Circuit Court, the chain of events began sometime Saturday afternoon at the Rolf Tiede residence in the Beaver Springs subdivision in Oakley, Summit County. Sheriff's officials said the family from Humble, Texas, was spending the holidays at the cabin.

Linae Tiede, 20, told officers that two armed men confronted her, her mother and her grandmother as they returned to the cabin Saturday. They ordered the women into the house. A few minutes later, Tiede said, Taylor shot her mother, Kaye Tidwell Tiede, 51, and her grandmother, Beth Harmon Tidwell Potts of Murray, who was in her mid-70s. Linae Tiede says the men then tied her up.

Summit County sheriff's officials believe the men were burglarizing the house when the women approached.

About two hours later, Rolf Tiede and his daughter, Tricia, 16, came into the cabin and were confronted by the two men, who demanded money from Rolf Tiede at gunpoint, Rolf Tiede said. After he gave them $100 from his wallet, he was shot in the face. After he fell to the ground, he was shot again, court documents say.

Reports say one of the men then poured snowmobile fuel throughout the cabin and ignited it. The two-story cabin sustained substantial damage on the upper floor.

Before leaving, they grabbed Tricia and Linae Tiede "to use as shields" in case they were confronted by police, according to the documents. The men are reported to have traveled about two miles on snowmobiles before forcing the two young women into Rolf Tiede's automobile.

Officers say a witness who saw them drive away "realized something was wrong" and called the sheriff's office at 3:36 p.m. Deputies responded, discovered the victims and sent them to Salt Lake hospitals by helicopter. Rolf Tiede was still alive, but Potts and Kaye Tiede were pronounced dead on arrival. Rolf Tiede was treated Saturday, and released from University Hospital on Monday.

Deputy Sheriff Thomas Coleman reportedly spotted the Tiede vehicle traveling south on the highway between Oakley and Kamas. Prosecutors say the driver reached speeds of more than 100 mph before he drove off the road at Lemon's Dugway in Francis, Summit County, according to the documents.

Deli reportedly got out of the car and aimed his handgun at Coleman. Kamas Police Officer James Fowers, who was also involved in the pursuit, then fired his revolver at Deli. Deli threw his weapon down and both men surrendered to officers, court documents say. The two sisters were found unharmed in the vehicle.

Both Deli and Taylor apparently walked away from the Orange Street Community Corrections Center in Salt Lake City on Dec. 14. Both were prison parolees who had left to search for jobs and failed to return.

Taylor had been paroled Oct. 23 after serving a 5-years-to-life sentence for aggravated burglary. Deli was convicted of aggravated arson and was paroled to the halfway house on Nov. 27, said Corrections spokesman David Franchina.

Deli and Taylor were ordered to appear before 3rd Circuit Judge Edward Watson on Jan. 8 for a preliminary hearing.