This is a story about a miracle that didn't happen.

Residents of the city hoped for a Christmas miracle when a newborn was found alive last week in a trash bin. But the boy died Monday, and prosecuters say if they find his mother, they will charge her with first-degree murder."I'm in total shock. I feel I've lost something out of me," said Lewis Williams, an unemployed construction worker who found the baby last Wednesday morning while hunting for aluminum cans.

"I braced myself for the worst, but no matter how much you brace yourself, you can't get over the shock. It's just there."

The infant, dubbed Isaiah by Roanoke Memorial Hospital intensive care unit nurses who decided he needed a name, was declared brain dead at 9:45 a.m. EST, Dr. Robert Allen said.

Allen said the two to fours hours that Isaiah spent in a plastic trash bag in 40-degree weather after his birth caused hypothermia, resulting in decreased blood and oxygen flow to his brain.

From the time he was found until Friday night, Isaiah appeared to be improving, prompting adoption offers and donations of cash and baby items.

But Isaiah then suffered a repeat of the seizures that doctors thought they had brought under control Wednesday. By Saturday physicians warned Isaiah probably had little time left to live.