A Salt Lake County woman was abducted at gunpoint on Christmas Eve by an apparently jealous man who had dated her twice before, police said.

"It's a `Fatal Attraction' type of thing," said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Bernard Hahn.The 25-year-old woman came home from work Monday evening and discovered the suspect inside the house waiting for her. The man then pulled out a large, black handgun and forced her to drive him to Motel 6, 1990 W. North Temple.

There, the man tied her up. He threatened that he was going to go back to her home and kill her husband and then he left her there, Salt Lake police said. The woman was able to partially free herself and called for help about 8 p.m.

"She managed to knock a phone off the table and summon the front office," Hahn said. Although the woman was not assaulted, the motel manager told the Deseret News that the woman was handcuffed and her mouth, arms and legs were bound with tape.

Deputies responded to the victim's house and found that her husband and their family were safe. Officers broadcast an "attempt to locate" description of the 26-year-old suspect to other agencies throughout the valley. The suspect apparently has scars on both wrists from previous suicide attempts.

The woman had dated the man twice several months ago while temporarily separated from her husband but apparently wanted nothing more to do with him. "He just can't take no for an answer," Hahn said.

The woman had lent her car to the suspect several months ago and he apparently made copies of the car and house keys.