If there's a video buff on your Christmas list, picking up a novel gift might be easier than you think.

The current issue of Video Magazine unearths a number of interesting, exotic video gifts that few amateurs will have. Some of these are:One gift guaranteed to make a video enthusiast's day is a color video printer, which will turn TV images into 3x5 color prints at the push of a button. The VY-15A Hitachi printer, which retails for $1,000, will even personalize the prints with superimposed titles, dates and messages.

Going in the other direction, the Tamron FotoVix III will turn photographic slides or negatives into video images. It retails for $900.

Sony gets kids interested in video graphics with its $115 My First Sony Electronic Sketch Pad, a surprisingly capable toy that works like a computer paint program. In addition to creating their own designs, children can also generate any of 28 programmed graphics and geometric shapes.

The Radio Partner Custom Earset combats the tendency for tiny bud earphones to fall out of place with the slightest shake.

The company has come up with custom-molded earpieces. The customer uses a kit to create an impression of the inside of each ear, then sends the impressions to the New York City-based company. Inside each of the molded earpieces are tiny Sony speakers. Packages start at $69.

Any golfer would be thrilled to get Sony's SVS-V10 CaddyCam. Designed specifically to analyze a golfer's form, the $3,400 CaddyCam packs a Sony F77 8mm camcorder, an 8-inch monitor/receiver, a wireless remote control and a six-hour rechargeable battery. All this comes in a weather-resistant housing on wheels which the Caddy drags from tee to tee.