An offbeat couple defied yuletide tradition - and gravity - by hanging their Scotch pine, ornaments, lights and even gift-wrapped boxes from the ceiling to create a topsy-turvy Christmas.

Jim and Judy Young knew the idea was different when a tree lot worker shot them funny looks after they asked him to lift a tree by its trunk so they could see how it looked upside-down."Then the boy looked at me and said, `Do you drink much?"' Jim Young said. "I gave him my address. I told him to come up to look at it, after we got it decorated."

The 6-foot pine's needles point toward the floor. A twinkling star dangles from its inverted apex. Lights and ornaments are attached so their bottoms point toward the base of the tree as they would if the tree were right side up. Only limp silver tinsel icicles appear to obey the law of gravity.

"Can't seem to get them to go the other way," Young sighed.

To complete the project, the Youngs glued brightly wrapped, empty gift boxes to the ceiling around the base of the tree.

"It wouldn't be a tree without the presents," he said.