To the editor:

Your article of several months ago reported Department of Public Safety awards to Sgt. Paul Mangelson and Trooper Lance Bushnell and other officers of the Utah Highway Patrol in the Juab County area with extraordinary law enforcement effort.Mangelson and his troopers have also created the greatest risk of arrest for drinking drivers compared to all other county areas of the state. Their work on this serious problem has been superior for a number of years. Enforcement efforts on the part of city and county officers in that area seem to be excellent as well.

It appears that Mangelson has not only been a valuable officer throughout his career but has influenced others to follow his example. Another group of officers has achieved similar success with alcohol-impaired driver enforcement in the vicinity of Green River, under the supervision of UHP Sgt. Steve Rapich.

Due mainly to a lack of sufficient enforcement personnel, some other areas of the state where a majority of the state's population resides appear to be facing much higher percentages of DUI violators who therefore enjoy a much lower risk of arrest.

H. Wayne Overson

Department of Criminal Justice

Weber State College