Eagle Systems gave us the "Power Tales;" a collection of autobiographies for children that focused on the positive traits of famous Americans.

Now Eagle's back with 17 more volumes. This collection's called "The Winner's Series." Various books stress honesty, a sense of humor, responsibility, spending and saving and other upbeat attitudes.In all, the books (with accompanying cassette tapes) feel like the morality tales read to children at the turn of the century. There's no hidden message here. The message is right up there in neon: Be A Good Person.

"We put this series together for the pre-teen and early teen market," says Gary C. Laney, a V.P. at Eagle. "First, we formed a grass roots organization of educators and asked one big question: What do our young people need in their homes? We got back 120 things that parents felt should be stressed.

"From there we took a few youth focus groups and found out what kind of books kids were reading, what kind of art they enjoyed, what kind of writing. Then we trimmed the series back to 15 basic topics and went to work."

Various authors helped on the project. The illustrations are all watercolors with a soft-edged wash to them, giving the pictures a nice modern look. The series itself is handsome and professional.

Now, the vote is in the hands of the kids.

Laney, for one, feels that Eagle did its homework and is convinced that for both kids and book publishers homework always pays off.

For information on the "Winner's Series" call 225-9000 (or 1-800-322-3621.) - By Jerry Johnston.