A Navy recruiter in Ogden has been won top honors for the Navy's Recruiting District Portland, according to the district's commanding officer, Commander Linda M. Lentz.

Petty Officer 1st Class Richard H. Horwitz was named the top recruiter in a district that covers more than 323,000 square miles in Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Washington. He is among 131 recruiters in the district.He averaged a recruitment rate of one person per week for the past year.

"Horowitz is a hard-charging, energetic and can-do recruiter," said his supervisor, Senior Chief James W. Gosnell. "He believes in his ability to get the job done and is a positive influence in his station."

Horowitz served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ranger and the submarine tender USS Dixon. In addition, he was on duty at the Naval Air Station at Whidbey Island, Wash.