DEAR ABBY: You recently published a letter, as you have often done, urging people to vote. You said that one-third of eligible citizens are not voting. Perhaps it is not their fault. Some people do not know where to go to register, how often to register (some people think you must register every year), where to vote and when to vote.

The registration board should advertise this information not only in the newspaper, but also on television and radio, as a public service. I know several people in town who are not voting because they don't know where to go to register. They don't even know whom to call with questions. I can't help them, as I am new here and voted absentee.I know that if each community made it easier, more people would vote. - AN ILLINOIS VOTER

DEAR ILLINOIS VOTER: Anyone who wants to know how, when and where to register to vote can get specific details by calling the League of Women Voters or the county election board (both of which are listed in the phone directory). If you can't find them, call "Information."

DEAR ABBY: Until three years ago, I was a senior minister in a large church. My wife left me and divorced me at that time. My denomination doesn't believe in divorced ministers, so I lost my parish as a result of her departure. Since then, I have been able to get only temporary jobs that last a year per job. I am 50 years old.

My children are living with their mother 10 hours away and are in the 11th and 12th grades. The divorce decree requires that I pay child support until the children reach 18. I have never missed a payment.

My kids and their mother tell me that it's my duty to finance a four-year education for each of the kids. I have been self-supporting since I was 17 and put myself through college.

Abby, am I morally obligated to borrow the money to put my kids through college in my circumstances? I can barely support myself right now. Sign me . . . FLAT BROKE AT 50

DEAR FLAT BROKE: Nowhere is it written that a parent who is flat broke must put his children through college. If your children want a college education, let them work for it - like you did.

DEAR ABBY: People sometimes laugh out of embarrassment. We would be embarrassed to hear songs whose titles suggest that the honored couple at their golden wedding celebration have less sex in their lives than before.

We have been married for 48 years, and how frequently we have sex is nobody's business. But we would be horrified if, at our 50th, the orchestra leader played "Night and Day," "We Did It Before and We Can Do It Again" or "Never in a Million Years." - "US" IN PALM DESERT, CALIF.

NOT CONFIDENTIAL TO THOSE WHO READ ME FAITHFULLY, OCCASIONALLY OR RARELY: Have a Merry Christmas. If you are drinking, don't drive. And if you are driving, please don't drink.

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