Alta View Hospital-

DEAN, Thomas and Wendy, Riverton, girl.

LEMLER, Frank and Stephanie, West Valley City, boy.

LUND, Trent and Terra, Midvale, boy.

PARRY, David and Joyce, Sandy, boy.

ROWLEY, John and Becky, Sandy, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

LANDSAW, Dewey and Barbara, boy.

PALEPOI, Tony and Tutaga, boy.

LUND, Sherrie, girl.

PAYNE, Jeff and Andrea, boy.

SYKES, Robert and Rebecca, girl.

BIRD, Steve and Tammy, boy.

EPPERSON, Daniel and Cindy, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BUDGE, Jeffrey and Amy, girl.

CASPER, Mark W. and Natalie, girl.

CALLAHAN, Shane, and Sceverenia Kubota, girl.

CHRISTENSEN, Mark and Cheryl, girl.

COOKE, Jon and Joy, boy.

DIXON, Michael and Sheila, boy.

EASTBURN, Kenny and Lori, boy.

FETZER, Craig and Mary Ann, boy.

HARKNESS, David and Lisa, girl.

HOSIE, Verne and Christine, boy.

JENSEN, Travis and Melinda, girl.

LYNCH, Robert and Amie, girl.

MARION, Stanley and Rebecca Wells, boy.

MURPHY, Randy and Diane, girl.

REYNOLDS, James and Ann Elise, girl.

RICHEY, Donald and Jenifer, boy.

ROBERTS, Paul and Janae, boy.

RODRIGUEZ, Laurentin and Silvia, girl.

RUSSELL, Thomas and Amy, girl.

SILVA, Michael and Karen, girl.

SMALLEY, Chris and Shauna, boy.

SMITH, Gary Ray and Laurie, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ALLEN, Curtis and Lori, girl.

BUNTING, James and Wendy, girl.

CHA, David and Deborah, girl.

FURLOW, Dennis and Janis, girl.

HIGGINS, William and Debra, girl.

LIU, Huey and Yung, boy.

McDONALD, Craig and Jill, girl.