Here comes Silverstein, here comes Silverstein

Right down Santa Claus Lane,

Leading a clutch of Christmas concerts

At Symphony Hall again.

Sleighbells ring and children sing

And play the piano so bright.

So bring your holly and prepare to be jolly

'Cause the symphony plays tonight.

Here comes Tchaikovsky, here comes Tchaikovsky

Right down Santa Claus Lane.

That old lip-smacker, his "Nutcracker,"

Sounds a familiar strain.

The Overture's thick but the dances click

From the Russians to the Chinese.

The flutes chirp away and the brasses bray

As the flowers waltz big in the breeze.

Here comes Mira Gill, here comes Mira Gill

Right down Santa Claus Lane,

Playing the First Piano Concerto

To come from Franz Liszt's brain.

She may look small but the music stands tall

As she bears down with all of her might.

With the orchestra's power she brings a shower

Of sparks and applause Friday night.

Here comes Prokofiev, here comes Prokofiev

Right down Santa Claus Lane,

The "Troika" from his "Kije" Suite.

- it's a sleigh by another name.

Were that not enough, as bonus stuff

We hear another "Sleigh Ride,"

With bells by the ton, it's Leroy Anderson

With Silverstein by his side.

Here's Box Elder High, here's Box Elder High

Right down Santa Claus Lane,

Bringing a chorus to sing for us

A Christmasy refrain.

"Let It Snow," they plead - as if we had need -

But their verve makes us glad they came,

As does the feeling of their youthful pealing

As they praise the Redeemer's name.

Here cometh Handel, here cometh Handel

Right down Santa Claus Lane,

And this "Hallelujah" goes right through ya

And not just down the drain.

With rhythms taut and the tempo hot,

The grandeur registers still,

And the same elevation carries from the ovation

To the carols, all done with a will.

Here comes Gottfredson, here comes Gottfredson

Right down Santa Claus Lane,

Dressed as Santa and leading the singing

With a candy cane.

The beard is smoky and the jokes are hokey

But nobody seems to care.

And for once the throng sings right along,

Sending Christmas cheer through the air.

Here's "White Christmas," here's "White Christmas"

Right down Santa Claus Lane.

Without Der Bingle it's still a hit single

Of Irving Berlin fame.

The strings are lush and the sound is plush

As Silverstein shapes the phrase.

With winter abundant, "Let It Snow" seems redundant

After several sub-zero days.

Here comes the audience, here comes the audience

Right down Santa Claus Lane.

They cheer loudly as the orchestra proudly

Shares in the acclaim.

They've come by the score and they clearly want more

So Santa will likely be back,

If for no other reason than that sometime next season

He can pull some more green from his pack.