Two points each unless otherwise noted

January1. Who was the first NBA player suspended under the new NBA rule regarding random drug testing of rookies?

2. Who is the basketball coach of Winston-Salem State who won his 800th game when the Rams beat Livingstone 79-70 on January 24?

3. Who scored the only touchdown for Denver in the Super Bowl?

4. Which two former players were elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame?


1. What race track hosted Bill Shoemaker's final ride?

2. What team won the first championship in the Senior Professional Baseball League?

3. What previously winless NASCAR Winston Cup driver won the Daytona 500 after leader Dale Earnhardt blew out a tire in the last mile?

4. Who scored 101 points in the first half of a girl's high school basketball game and missed the all-time record of 105 when the opposing team, down to four eligible players, refused to play the second half?


1. Who became college basketball's all-time leading scorer?

2. What woman golfer became the first to earn more than $3 million in career earnings?

3. Who was Loyola Marymount playing when Hank Gathers died during a WCC Tournament game on March 4?

4. Who won the men's World Cup Skiing overall title?

5. Who won the women's title at the World Figure Skating Championships?


1. Who won the Masters, becoming only the second golfer to win the Green Jacket in consecutive years?

2. Who was the MVP of the NCAA basketball tournament?

3. Who won the men's and women's titles of the Boston Marathon? (One point each)

4. Who was the first player selected in the NFL draft?


1. Who beat Steffi Graf in the German Open, ending her 66-match winning streak?

2. Who broke the world record in the shot put?

3. Who became the all-time leading goal scorer in Stanley Cup history?

4. Who won the Indianapolis 500?

5. Who won the Kentucky Derby?


1. What team, nicknamed "The Indomitable Lions", defeated defending champion Argentina in the first match of the World Cup?

2. What two pitchers threw no-hitters on June 29? (One point each)

3. Who was the first player selected in the NBA draft?

4. Who became the oldest driver to win a NASCAR race?

5. Who scored the game-winning basket with less than a second remaining in Game 5 to clinch the second consecutive NBA championship for the Detroit Pistons?


1. Who pitched a no-hitter against the Chicago White Sox, only to lose 4-0 on two outfield errors in the eighth inning?

2. Who shared the record for Wimbledon women's singles titles with Martina Navratilova before Martina beat Zina Garrison for her record ninth title?

3. Who became the first black member of the Shoal Creek Golf Club?

4. What country won the World Cup?

5. Who had both RBI in the All-Star Game, won 2-0 by the American League?


1. Who was named general partner of the New York Yankees in the wake of George Steinbrenner being banned from the club?

2. What top-seeded men's player lost in the first round of the U.S. Open tennis championships?

3. What member of the Southwest Conference jumped to the Southeastern Conference?

4. What Australian golfer won the PGA Championship?


1. Who is the Boston Herald reporter that was the victim of sexual harrassment in the New England Patriots locker room?

2. What Illinois running back scored all eight Illini touchdowns in a 56-21 victory over Southern Illinois?

3. What NHL goalie, after admitting substance abuse, was suspended by the league for one year?

4. Who won the men's and women's singles titles in the U.S. Open, each winning their first Grand Slam titles? (One point each)


1. Who broke the NCAA record for rushing yardage by a quarterback with 300 yards when Northern Illinois routed No. 25 Fresno State 73-18?

2. Who scored the goal on the play in which Wayne Gretzky reached the 2,000 point mark?

3. What three horses died during the Breeders Cup? (One point each)

4. What umpire ejected Roger Clemens from the fourth game of the American League playoffs?


1. Who won the men's and women's titles of the New York Marathon? (One point each)

2. What city might lose the privilege of hosting the 1993 Super Bowl because state voters rejected a proposal to recognize Martin Luther King's birthday as a holiday?

3. What two thoroughbreds, famous both as racers and sires, died on back-to-back days? (One point for each)


1. Who did the United States team beat to win the Davis Cup?

2. What three cities were granted expansion franchises in the NHL? (One point for each)Answers


1. Stanley Brundy of the New Jersey Nets.

2. Clarence "Big House" Gaines.

3. John Elway on a three-yard run.

4. Jim Palmer and Joe Morgan.


1. Santa Anita.

2. The St. Petersburg Pelicans.

3. Derrike Cope.

4. Lisa Leslie of Morningside High School in Inglewood, Calif. in a 102-24 victory over South Torrance High School.


1. Phil Hutcheson of David Lipscomb University.

2. Pat Bradley.

3. The University of Portland.

4. Pirmin Zurbriggen of Switzerland.

5. Jill Trenary.


1. Nick Faldo.

2. UNLV guard Anderson Hunt.

3. Gelindo Bordin and Rosa Mota.

4. Illinois quarterback Jeff George.


1. Monica Seles.

2. Randy Barnes, who put the shot 75-101/4.

3. Jari Kurri of Edmonton.

4. Arie Luyendyk.

5. Unbridled.


1. Cameroon.

2. Dave Stewart of the Oakland Athletics and Fernando Valenzuela of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

3. Syracuse center Derrick Coleman by the New Jersey Nets.

4. 50-year-old Harry Gant in the Miller 500.

5. Vinnie Johnson.


1. Andy Hawkins of the New York Yankees.

2. Helen Wills Moody.

3. Insurance executive Louis Willie.

4. West Germany, 1-0 over Argentina.

5. Julio Franco of the Texas Rangers.


1. Robert Nederlander.

2. Stefan Edberg.

3. Arkansas.

4. Wayne Grady.


1. Lisa Olson.

2. Howard Griffith.

3. Grant Fuhr of the Edmonton Oilers.

4. Pete Sampras and Gabriela Sabatini.


1. Stacy Robinson.

2. Tomas Sandstrom.

3. Go For Wand, Mr. Nickerson and Shaker Knit.

4. Terry Cooney.


1. Douglas Wakiihuri of Kenya and Wanda Panfil of Poland.

2. Phoenix.

3. Alydar on the 15th and Northern Dancer on the 16th.


1. Australia.

2. San Jose, Tampa and Ottawa.Scoring

95-100 - Ph.D., History

90-94 - M.A., History

85-89 - B.A., History, Rhodes Scholar

80-84 - B.A., History, Phi Beta Kappa

75-79 - B.A., History, Magna Cum Laude

70-74 - B.A., History, Summa Cum Laude

60-69 - B.A., History

0-59 - B.A., Basketweaving