The retail advertising department of the Newspaper Agency Corp., the company that produces and distributes the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune, will implement a "sales territory" system effective Jan. 2.

Tim Rodriguez, retail advertising manager, said, "We're going to implement a system that's been tried and proven in thousands of sales organizations across the nation."In a territorial sales system, businesses in the same area or region will have the same advertising representative, which will enhance the NAC's ability to assist and support an array of promotional activities. It also makes it easier for both parties to identify who the sales representative is in a given area or for a given business.

"This is an important but also considerable change in our system," Rodriguez said. "Given the size of the market we now serve, it is an absolutely necessary change and we want to make more time available for customer service and sales."

The department has spent the past several months preparing for the move. As a result, account transfers will begin taking place to make the transition as smooth as possible, he said.