Christmas season is loaded with great opportunities for a photojournalist, the problem is that the holiday season also brings so many routine assignments that often a photographer will have to sneak away to get a truly memorable shot. For some reason it is quite a bit easier to find a volunteer to shoot the Jazz-Laker game then to shoot another photo of somebody putting an ornament on a tree for the upcoming Christmas dance, play or fund-raiser.

These Christmas assignments, however, can be hard to categorize. Just the other day I went to shoot some children cheering up some residents of a local rest home. There was such a warm feeling there that I had to keep the camera held to my eye an extra few seconds to hide what might look like a tear. The image has stayed with me long after the prints were turned in.This year the Deseret News photo staff members have collected a few of their favorite photos from the past Christmas seasons. They are photos that capture moments that have either inspired or amused us in the past and continue to do so when we look throught our files. (See more photos on page B2.)