The Idaho Department of Law Enforcement is rescinding disciplinary action against a State Police trooper who issued a speeding ticket to Bonneville County Sheriff Richard Ackerman.

A letter of reprimand issued against four-year trooper Elias Leija of Mountain Home will be withdrawn, Law Enforcement Director Richard Cade said.Leija, who charges he was disciplined for not giving Ackerman a break in September, filed a grievance against State Police Superintendent Rich Humpherys, the author of the Oct. 5 disciplinary letter.

Humpherys said the discipline was ordered by former Law Enforcement Director Mack Richardson, who was recently forced to resign for pushing a policy against ticketing legislators and other police.

A three-member review board of state employees hearing the grievance last week said the letter was "overkill" and recommended it be removed from Leija's personnel file.

Cade agreed. "We're going along with what the three-member panel said," he said this week.

While pleased with the result, Leija said Friday he has refused a request to agree not to take further legal action against the department.

"I decided not to sign anything," he said. "They should do whatever they think is right."