A man who claims he was trapped in a women's restroom while trying to hide from police has plead guilty to a misdemeanor count in 3rd Circuit Court.

Larry Darton, 30, of Sandy told Judge Roger Livingston Friday he ducked into the restroom to avoid being caught with a marijuana pipe."I was looking for a place to hide and I basically got trapped in there," Darton said. "I'd get ready to leave and somebody would come in."

Sandy Police Officer B. J. Small said the man was finally noticed by a woman who saw his shoes in the stall next to hers.

Her report to a co-worker triggered a stream of curious women in and out of the restroom until a janitor and the police were eventually called.

Darton said that prior to entering the restroom he was in traffic court, where there had been yet another delay in an unrelated case.

He said he left the courtroom "upset at delays, rebellious," and thought smoking some marijuana "might calm me down."

Then he heard someone behind him and ran downstairs to the women's room "looking for a place to hide."

Darton was placed on one year probation and must pay a $250 fine, perform 24 hours of community service for the Sandy City Planning and Zoning Department, enter a drug treatment program and submit himself to urinalysis.