The Provo School Board thinks it's time school district voting boundary lines were redrawn.

Board President David G. Weight has asked Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins to begin the process of realigning school board districts based on the 1990 census. State law requires that the City Council realign the boundaries every 10 years, according to Weight."It has clearly been longer than 10 years since the last realignment of the districts, and it is apparent that there are fairly dramatic differences in the number of households from district to district," Weight states in a letter to Jenkins.

For instance, District 5, which includes the northeast portion of Provo and happens to be Weight's district, has grown tremendously during the past 10 years, he says.

No one at the city or at the school district can remember when boundaries were last adjusted.

Weight also wants district boundaries clarified. In the most recent election, Weight's name showed up on ballots outside his district.

Al Mickelson, Provo City planner, said the city will not be able to begin looking at alignment until it receives official census information in April.

The Provo School District is divided into five voting areas based on population.