Inmates at the Utah Sate Prison don't get rich from stamping license plates and building state office furniture. But a few of them decided to pool their meager earnings recently to make Christmas brighter for some needy children.

In two months, inmates in the prison's Merit II program planned fund-raisers and collected 147 donations ranging from $1 to $100 to end up with $1,000 for the Toys for Tots program, a spokesman for the inmate group said.The money was given to the program's sponsor, the United States Marine Corps., earlier this month.

In addition to individual donations from minimum- and medium-security inmates, tickets were sold to participate in an activity night in the prison's Special Services Dormitory.

All the collections were made by transfers submitted to the prison's Inmate Funds Accounting office, which wrote the check to Toys for Tots, a brother of one of the inmates said.