The former girlfriend of Boston Red Sox star Wade Boggs struck out in court Friday when a commissioner ruled her $6 million lawsuit didn't meet legal requirements.

However, the commissioner said Margo Adams can stay in the legal ballgame by redrafting and refiling her suit, which alleges Boggs breached an oral contract to pay her expenses for accompanying him on Sox road trips over a four-year period.Adams' laywer, James McGee, said the suit will be refiled.

"Score one for Wade Boggs," exulted Jennifer King, attorney for the four-time American League batting champion.

But the ruling by Orange County Superior Court Commissioner Eleanor Palk appeared unlikely to stifle the scandal brewing over Boggs' affair with Adams, a California mortgage broker.

The commissioner, who sits as a judge, sided with Boggs in rejecting the suit as being improperly grounded in law. The ruling means the suit remains alive, but must be rewritten in order to be reconsidered.