While you're watching the college bowl games, you might want to keep your eye on some of the players listed below who should be among the early round NFL draft picks in April.

The Minnesota Vikings don't have their first- and second-round picks again, thanks to Mike Lynn's horrible deal for Herschel Walker, so most of these players won't be available when their turn finally comes.However, there always is the chance the Vikings will trade some of their players - how about Walker and Anthony Carter? - to regain some of those high picks.

Because several juniors were drafted last year, the quality of the 1991 draft isn't as good, according to Jerry Reichow, who heads the Vikings' scouting department.

"I haven't seen that many blue-chip players out there," said Reichow, who has seen nine of the bowl teams play this season. "A lot of the guys who would be blue-chippers this year were taken last year as juniors.

"There aren't those top eight or 10 guys who just stand out. But that might be good for us, with our drafting situation."

Here are the bowl-bound players the pro scouts project as being drafted in the first few rounds:

- Aloha Bowl: Arizona, CB/KR Darryl Lewis; Syracuse, G John Flannery.

- Liberty Bowl: Ohio State, WR Jeff Graham.

- All-American Bowl: Southern Mississippi, QB Brett Favre (who might be the first quarterback taken because of his size - 6-2 and 220 - and strong arm); North Carolina State, CB Joe Johnson, DE Mike Jones and junior S Jesse Campbell.

- Blockbuster Bowl: Florida State, WR Lawrence Dawsey, TE Reggie Johnson and LB Tony Moss; Penn State, RB Gary Brown.

- Peach Bowl: Indiana, S Mike Dumas; Auburn, RB James Joseph, DE Lamar Rogers, T Rob Selby and DT David Rocker.

- Holiday Bowl: Texas A&M, RB Darren Lewis, S Larry Horton and LB William Thomas; Brigham Young, T Neal Fort, TE Chris Smith and RB Matt Bellini.

- Freedom Bowl: Oregon, QB Bill Musgrave.

- John Hancock Bowl: Southern Cal, T Pat Harlow, RB Ricky Ervins, G Mark Tucker, WR Gary Wellman and junior QB Todd Marinovich; Michigan State, LB Carlos Jenkins, G Derick Moton, NT Bobby Wilson, LB Dixon Edwards and RB Hyland Hickson.

- Copper Bowl: California, DE Rhett Hall and K Robbie Keen; Wyoming, DE Mitch Donahue.

- Gator Bowl: Michigan, G Dean Dingman, S/KR Tripp Welborne, RB Garrod Bunch and T Tom Dohring; Mississippi, DT Kelvin Pritchett.

- Hall of Fame Bowl: Illinois, DE Mel Agee, NT Moe Gardner, CB Chris Green, RB Howard Griffith, TE Frank Hartley, CB Henry Jones and LB Romero Price; Clemson: CB Jerome Henderson, DT Vance Hammond and LB John Johnson.

- Citrus Bowl: Georgia Tech, junior LB/S Ken Swilling; Nebraska, LB Mike Croel, CB Bruce Pickens, LB Pat Tyrence and DE Kenny Walker.

- Cotton Bowl: Miami, WR Wesley Carroll, DE Shane Curry, QB Craig Erickson, WR Randall Hill and DT Russell Maryland (who could be the No. 1 pick overall); Texas, DT Stan Thomas and WR Johnny Walker.

- Fiesta Bowl: Louisville, QB Browning Nagle and DT Ted Washington; Alabama, RB Siran Stacy, DT George Thornton and CB Efrem Thomas.

- Rose Bowl: Washington, RB Greg Lewis and CB Charles Minty; Iowa, RB Nick Bell, CB Merton Hanks and RB Tony Stewart.

- Orange Bowl: Colorado, RB Eric Bieniemy, G Joe Garten, CB Dave McCloughan, LB/DE Kanavis McGhee, WR Mike Pritchard, T Mark Vander Poel and LB Alfred Williams; Notre Dame, C Mike Heldt, CB Todd Lyght, NT Chris Zorich, RB Ricky Walters and junior WR Raghib Ismail.

- Sugar Bowl: Virginia, CB Tony Covington, QB Shawn Moore and junior WR Herman Moore; Tennessee, RB Greg Amsler, T Antone Davis, WR Elvin Harper, T Charles McRae and WR Anthony Morgan.