Dear Deseret News readers:

You guys really know how to come through in a crisis.Last week, I was trying to figure out how to provide Christmas for almost 1,500 children in Salt Lake County. I was getting really worried, too, because this has been a tough year at the North Pole.

I guess I almost forgot how generous you are when you know someone's in trouble.

We did it - thanks to your kindness and caring. All of the children I asked the Deseret News to help through Santa's Helping Hand have been adopted for Christmas (about 500 families).

So there'll be trees and food and toys throughout the valley this Dec. 25.

And I've gotten my sense of humor back.

There are still programs that could use a hand if you're feeling generous. They help old Santa out, too. The Community Action Program, 359-2444, says it hasn't finished providing Christmas for the tykes on its list.

I'll close now; it's time to load the sleigh. But thanks again for all your help.