Reputed organized crime figures referred to William J. McCarthy, the recently elected Teamsters union president, in three separate instances in tapes secretly recorded by the FBI in 1984, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

FBI investigators believe the references show organized crime figures involved in Teamsters business were familiar with McCarthy, but McCarthy's lawyer said there is no evidence to indicate his client was "mob connected," the Globe reported.The tapes are the primary evidence against McCarthy in a civil lawsuit filed in federal court in New York by the Justice Department in an effort to rid the Teamsters of its alleged dominance by organized crime, the newspaper said.

McCarthy was elected national Teamsters president last month following the death of Jackie Presser.

Four of the previous five Teamsters presidents have been prosecuted on federal charges, and three have been convicted. Hundreds of lesser Teamsters officials across the country also have been charged while McCarthy sat on the union's ruling executive board.