Souvenirs available at the Republican National Convention are much less conservative than the GOP members buying them.

They range from rubber elephant noses for $3 to giant leather elephants costing $600.Other hot-selling items include:

- Campaign buttons pairing George Bush with an army of potential running mates, including Bob and Elizabeth Dole, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Jack Kemp, Howard Baker - and Oliver North. "The Bush-North buttons have really been selling well; it's scary. We made them just as a joke, but people have been buying them and asking if he has a chance," one seller said.

For those who really don't care who the running mate is, one button says, "Who will it be? Who cares? I'm voting Republican." Buttons cost between $2 and $7.50.

-"The Oliver North - Fight for Freedom Video," featuring excerpts of his testimony during the Iran-Contra hearings in Congress, is also available for $25.

-Musical buttons featuring Oliver North in a patriotic pose before a flag include a mistake - a recording of the Army song "Over There." North was a Marine. "Because of the mistake, these are really hot. They're only $5," a vendor said.

-Delegates can have their pictures taken with cardboard cutouts of Ronald Reagan or George Bush for $5. They can even pose in front of a statue of "Ronbo" - a statute of Reagan wearing Rambo fatigues andholding a machine gun.

-George Dukakis is featured on many souvenirs, ranging from T-shirts saying "Du-Ka-Ka happens" and "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" to buttons that have Dukakis' face change into Jimmy Carter's - when the vision angle changes - with the words "He's Baaaack."

-T-shirts, costing $12 and up, range from standard New Orleans riverboats to depictions of a muscular Bush in front of a jet with the words "Top Gun '88."

-Commemorative plates that merely say "Republican National Convention, New Orleans 1988" cost $25 because they are a limited edition and have been numbered in gold leaf.