Good tidings of great joy have come from Utah Valley Community College as a long-awaited goal was reached earlier than expected.

In May 1989, the UVCC Foundation set a goal to raise $100,000 in three years for library books. Just more than halfway into the time period, more than twice the goal amount has been raised.Well over $200,000 has been donated by 600 different families and businesses, said UVCC President Kerry D. Romesburg. The biggest donation came from LaVorn Sparks of Provo, who donated more than $150,000.

Marty Nielsen, executive director of the UVCC Foundation, said Sparks donated cash and 200 to 300 books to the library. Many of the books are rare and valuable. The most valuable book donated by Sparks was an early copy of the Gutenberg Bible, said Nielsen. There are three original Gutenberg Bibles and only a few of the early copies made after the originals. The Gutenberg Bible donated to UVCC is one of those early copies.

Sparks also donated an original Joseph Smith Bible and Doctrine and Covenants to UVCC. The Doctrine and Covenants alone is worth an estimated $14,000, Nielsen said.

Campaign chairman for the library funding effort, Hal Wing, donated a 16th century copy of the Martin Luther Bible, Nielsen said.