This home has it all. Luxurious and spacious, the 8,000-square-foot Laurel combines the creature comforts of home with the leisure-time capabilities of a first class recreation center. It also has private guest accommodations, a library and a workshop.

Unique to this home is a swimming pool and a spa, located in the daylight basement and visually open to all three levels. When the pool is in use, aqua-colored light from the pool dances across the walls and ceiling of the living room, dining room and kitchen on the main floor. Two stories up, the sun room and sitting room adjacent to the master suite, and a glass-walled sky-walk that bridges the main floor, also overlook the pool and catch the moving light.The basement is definitely recreation central. Kitchen, fireplace, exercise room, sauna - it's all there, along with a recreation room with more than enough space for a ping pong table, pool table, pinball machines, video games andyou name it. And, no matter how big the party, there will be no waiting in line to use the bathroom here. Both the sauna and pool have bathrooms, as do each of the bedrooms. In fact, the Laurel has a total of seven bathrooms.

Glass surrounds the double doors in the lofty vaulted entryway. Both the living room and dining room are also partially vaulted.

You can take your choice of views when you eat in the sunny nook - the pool, the rear vista or back into the huge kitchen. No scarcity of work or storage space here, all designed for efficient work flow.

A guest suite, complete with bathroom, living room and fireplace provides cushy quarters for relatives or domestic help. This area could be split into two bedrooms, if needed.

Owners will no doubt enjoy the luxury and privacy of having the whole second floor to themselves. They can watch late night movies while soaking in the spa, or drink hot cocoa prepared in the small kitchen galley and fall asleep in the flickering light of a wood fire. By leaning slightly over the skywalk and loft railings, they can also talk to people in the living room or dining room, or indulge in quiet observation.

Richly windowed on all sides, this contemporary brick home is awash in light. Skylights in the upstairs bathroom and sewing room bring in still more.

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