This documentary on movie directors who have gone their own way, usually to the beat of a very different drum, takes its title - "Hollywood Mavericks" - from a speech Orson Welles gave when he accepted the Life Achievement Award. It was Welles who, more or less, coined the term "mavericks" for filmmakers who insisted on doing their own thing, often to the consternation of financial backers.

Naturally, Welles is a major subject here, as are such individualistic moviemakers as John Cassavetes, Samuel Fuller, Robert Altman and David Lynch, with tributes paid them by other filmmakers and actors, as well as liberal film clips demonstrating the power of their work.One could argue that the inclusion of Francis Ford Coppola, John Ford and Peter Bogdanovich, among others, tends to lessen its argument, but that won't keep film buffs from finding that the wealth of information and amazing number of fabulous movie moments make for a highly entertaining film.

"Hollywood Mavericks" is not rated, but with violence, profanity and nudity in film clips, it is probably in PG-13 territory.