"Kindergarten Cop" has some very funny moments, scenes with Arnold Schwarzenegger interacting with 5-year-olds in a kindergarten class that are hilarious.

And those are the moments the ads are playing up, making this look like a family movie for the holidays, a la "Home Alone."But don't be fooled. What you don't see in the ads is the moment where Schwarzenegger blows away the villain at the end (in front of his own son) or the subplot about a man who physically abuses his wife and son or the scene where Schwarzenegger comes into a motel room and finds his partner and her fiance in bed together.

"Kindergarten Cop" has its redeeming features, but it's not a film for youngsters - especially 5-year-olds.

Schwarzenegger is an L.A. cop who arrests killer Richard Tyson but can't make the charge stick. He needs the killer's ex-wife, who has run off to a small town in Oregon, and though he doesn't know what she looks like, he knows her son is in a specific kindergarten class.

So Schwarzenegger, his pet ferret and his partner (Pamela Reed) head for Oregon, where she will infiltrate as a substitute teacher: Find Tyson's son, find his ex-wife.

But Reed becomes ill, so Schwarzenegger has to take over.

His interactions with the kids are very funny, though there are some of the vulgar jokes one expects in such movies these days (the word "penis" is intended for big yucks here, as it is in "Three Men and a Little Lady").

And his relationships with Reed, school principal Linda Hunt and teacher Penelope Ann Miller, work quite well.

But the film's gentle humor is at odds with its more violent tendencies, which prompts an important question - "Just who is this movie for?"

Fans of Schwarzenegger's more violent pictures will probably be put off by the film's inherent case of the "cutes." Parents will no doubt be very put off by the violence and dark themes.

"Kindergarten Cop" is rated PG-13 for violence, profanity, implied sex and partial nudity.