A big increase in business in 1990 is the reason officials at Blaine Hudson Printing, 241 W. 1700 South, have installed $7 million in new printing equipment.

Don Gull, chairman of the board and chief executive officer, said the biggest addition is a high speed, multicolor, heat set, full web printing press known as the Hantscho Mark 16, manufactured by Rockwell International, that substantially increases the company's printing capacity.Gull said 1990 was a time of "sweeping growth and the equipment reached its capacity. The new equipment will allow Blaine Hudson to serve the same marketplace in larger volumes and with expanded formats.

He said a web press prints on large rolls of continuously fed paper progressing through a series of printing units in a matter of seconds, each adding a different color, coating or marking to the paper.

Mark Hudson, company president, said the added press capacity made it necessary to beef up the other departments by adding additional press crews, bindery employees and prepress and customer support people to the existing staff of 100.