Hill Air Force Base will manage and provide logistics support for a new missile weapons system that will be operational by the mid-1990s, according to Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah.

Hansen, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said Hill will provide maintenance and logistics support for the proposed Modular Standoff Weapon System being developed for the United States and its NATO allies.The missiles are designed to handle a variety of combat missions in seven North Atlantic Treaty Organization nations, Hansen said.

Hill already provides maintenance and logistics support for the missiles used by the Air Force, ranging from small air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles to the largest ICBMs in the Air Force inventory.

Hansen said Hill was selected for the weapons system because of the base's skilled work force.

"The assignment of this weapon system to Hill not only will provide more jobs for Utahns but will maintain and expand the role of Hill in high-tech areas," Hansen said.

"This is a technologically advanced system co-developed by the United States and six other NATO countries. These missiles will have navigation and guidance systems and are designed to handle a number of different missions," Hansen said last week.