Signs tacked on telephone polls or posted between sidewalks and street in Salt Lake City have to go, according to city officials.

City workers have started an effort to confiscate signs posted on public property, which they say are spreading rapidly throughout the city. The signs range from hand-drawn notices of puppies for sale to professional real estate signs, said Craig Spangenberg, city housing and zoning supervisor."We really put an emphasis on this early last spring," Spangenberg said. "We confiscated 1,500 signs, and for a while there was no problem. Now they seem to be proliferating again. If a few of them go up it seems as if a lot of them suddenly come up and it gets out of hand."

People whose signs are confiscated must pay to get them back. If a person persists in erecting signs, the city will file misdemeanor charges, Spangenberg said.

City ordinances prohibit signs in areas between sidewalks and curbs or on telephone or power poles.