For those women in Utah hoping to marry someone young, famous, handsome, talented and wealthy, your chances just decreased by one. Jazz star Karl Malone and former Miss Idaho

Kay Kinsey are planning a Christmas Eve wedding at Malone's home in Salt Lake City.The Jazz are on a five-game, seven-day road trip to the East but will return to Salt Lake City Monday afternoon, and the wedding will take place that evening.

Malone said the couple plans to honeymoon next summer in Alaska but may have an abbreviated Christmas Day vacation in Wendover. The Jazz aren't planning to practice Tuesday.

"I love to fish," said Malone. "We can go up to Alaska next summer, and there won't be many people. It's going to be great."

Kinsey, a former Miss Idaho, has recently been involved with directing pageants there. The couple plan to make their home in Salt Lake City.

The pair met last year in Salt Lake City. Malone said when she was told he was "The Mailman," she didn't know who he was and wanted to know "if I was the first black mailman in Utah, or what."

They have been planning to marry for several months, but arranging family schedules apparently prevented it until now.