About 500 fewer people will lose their jobs at Hill AFB this spring when military job reductions go into effect than had originally been estimated, military officials said Wednesday.

In November, when Air Force Logistics Command officials announced their planned reductions in personnel, they said 1,427 HAFB industrially funded employees would lose their jobs.That figure has been revised to somewhere between 800 and 900 industrially funded jobs scheduled for elimination.

Industrially funded personnel include those working in aircraft and missile depot maintenance positions. Current reduction-in-force plans do not include the Ogden Air Logistics Center's 5,900 non-industrially funded jobs.

The reductions at HAFB are part of 4,950 industrially funded civilian personnel who will lose their jobs across the Air Force Logistics Command, officials said.

Affected employees will receive official notification 60 days before their layoffs. The notifications are expected to be delivered in early March.

At the beginning of the fiscal year, approximately 37,000 industrially funded civilians worked in the logistics command.

But because national security needs are changing, military budgets are shrinking. The aircraft and missile-related workload is declining, prompting the jobs reductions, officials said.