Congressman-elect Bill Orton wants to know what his constituents in the 3rd District think about the most recent version of the Central Utah Project legislation.

Orton is asking people to send him letters about the project."During my campaign I had the opportunity to speak with many voters and elected officials about the Central Utah Project," Orton said. "Based on their comments and my own investigation, I want to ensure that issues critical to 3rd District voters are properly addressed in the bill."

As part of his effort to identify all the opinions and concerns about the bill, Orton is sending a letter and questionnaire to a number of elected and appointed officials in the district. However, he also wants others in the district to comment on the legislation.

"I am refining my legislative strategy on this issue and I want to be certain that the bill is responsive to the interests and concerns of my district," Orton said.

After receiving comments, Orton plans to meet with key officials and other members of the Utah congressional delegation to discuss the legislation prior to resubmitting it to Congress.

Letters about the project can be sent to Orton at 88 W. 100 North, #105, Provo, UT 84601 or to Orton's law office at 32 Exchange Place, Suite 100, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.