Telephones at Salt Lake-area fire-dispatch centers began ringing off the hook Thursday evening after a power outage at the Amoco Oil refinery apparently triggered a fuel burn-off.

Dispatchers said the calls were directed in the area of 1800 N. Beck St., but some valley residents were reporting the fire's location as being as far away as 4000 South.The refinery had a power outage at 7:05 p.m. Thursday, said John Becker, Amoco operating engineer. The outage came about the same time fire dispatchers started receiving calls and lasted about 45 minutes.

Most of the smoke was actually water vapor made visible by the extremely cold night air, Becker said.

"It's not a fire emergency, just a nuisance," said a Salt Lake dispatcher. No firefighters remained at the refinery after the reason for the calls was discovered.