Socialite Georgette Mosbacher laughed off the legendary curse of the Hope Diamond when she wore it to publicize a $1 million gift to the Smithsonian. "I'd wear it in my navel for a million bucks," she said. "Of course, diamonds look best on bare skin, but it's the wrong time of day," Mosbacher said Wednesday, showing off the midnight-blue gem that once adorned the bosoms of Marie Antoinette and Countess DuBarry of France more than 200 years ago. The wife of Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher wore the diamond to celebrate a $1 million gift from the Harry Winston Research Foundation. According to legend, the diamond was stolen from the forehead of an Indian idol. A god supposedly placed a curse on the diamond, ensuring that tragedy would befall anyone who owned or wore it. "I don't want to take it off," pouted Georgette Mosbacher.