Don't expect the garbage man to pick up your Christmas tree if you live in Orem.

Orem will not be gathering trees left along residential streets, but instead will be designating sites throughout the city where people can take their trees.Steve Weber, maintenance division manager for Orem public works, said many people travel miles to get their trees, and the city hopes they will travel a few blocks to dispose of them. The collection will begin Jan. 7.

"All non-flocked trees will be recycled," Weber said. And, residents may also take their trees directly to the landfill at no cost.

Christmas tree pickup locations are: Windsor Park, 1250 N. 150 West; City Park, 200 E. 100 North; Cascade Park, 200 N. 925 East; Sharon Park; 500 N. 275 East; Bonneville Park, 1500 N. 800 West; Geneva Park, 250 N. 700 West; Orem Public Works, 955 N. 900 West.

Scera Park parking lot, 550 S. 400 East; Scera Park pool, 600 S. State Street; Hillcrest Park, 1400 S. 700 East; Community Park, 600 W. 300 South; Westmore Park, 1050 S. Main; and South Main Debris Basin, 1450 S. 50 East.