The Fillmore City Council has requested a written outline from a natural gas consultant to determine whether hiring such a firm would be feasible.

Mayor Keith Gillins said the council is considering hiring a consultant because city officials lack expertise. The city is expected to get natural gas within the next few months after a gas line is constructed from Wyoming to Southern California, part of which will cross Millard County.The Kern River Gas Transmission Co. expects to begin construction on a line in California within the next few weeks, which might be tapped by a gas utility company or communities to provide service in Beaver, Millard and Juab counties. Two competitive companies were seeking permits to build gas lines along the route, but the Wyoming California Pipeline Co. announced recently that it is suspending operations and has asked the Bureau of Land Management to discontinue working on the company's application.

A representative of an energy financing, consultant and development company met with the Fillmore Council to present a proposal for working with the city as a natural gas consultant.

Referring to the presentation of Nick Travis, who represented Scott Gunning, Energy Strategies Inc. at the council meeting, the mayor said the firm could help secure a gas allotment for the area and complete a feasibility study.

Such a study would help the council decide whether to pursue a natural gas system owned and operated by the city or contract with a utility in the private sector, such as Mountain Fuel Supply Co. or Central Utah Gas Co.

Both firms have met with municipal and county officials in the area.

Mountain Fuel has service in most other central and southwestern Utah counties while Central Utah Gas, headquartered in Nephi, would deliver natural gas for the first time. Officials in Juab County indicate they are leaning toward a municipal system.

The council asked Travis to develop cost figures, a time frame and the services his firm could provide Fillmore City.